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As an NM Dentist I take all of this information to optimize the bite so it in turn provides better function. Technology is also used in taking the impressions for making your dentures so that the soft tissues of the cheeks, prevent “rocking” or looseness of the denture.

Establishing the bite and identifying functional problems are based on the scientific, computer-aided diagnosis. Art is applied when it comes to the aesthetic part of finalizing your denture design. Using neuromuscular principles also enhances the art of producing dentures with a natural, pleasant look.

Dentures based on neuromuscular principles were developed over 40 years ago making this a time-proven method. Instrument technology, materials and aesthetic art combine to produce dentures that are truly superior.

There is no need for denture patients to suffer the discomfort or embarrassment of poorly functioning or ill-fitting dentures. Aesthetically pleasing, well-functioning dentures can have a marked positive effect on your personality and your quality of life.

Check out the BEFORES & AFTERS page and see if you can see the improvement Neuromuscular Dentures has made.

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