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What is NMD?

NMD = “Neuromuscular Dentistry”, we study computer generated information concerning the status and function of the muscles and joints involved in your bite (occlusion), in addition to all of the traditional means of dental diagnosis. We consider teeth, muscles and joints (TMJ) – not just teeth. This allows us to optimize the bite and in turn provides better function.

Traditionally your bite was an arbitrary decision based on the dentist’s experience. This has often led to functional problems in chewing or speech and may result in considerable discomfort or pain. An arbitrary bite position may also result in a very unnatural look.

In NMD, we precisely measure the activity of the muscles that control the jaw and determine an optimum jaw position – one dictated by your own body when the muscles are truly relaxed.  In the neuromuscular evaluation process the NM dentist also looks for any abnormalities in your jaw function.

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