Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

Three approaches or a combination thereof, may be recommended as initial therapy:

  1. Occlusal correction or coronoplasty. This is reshaping teeth to remove interferences that cause abnormal jaw displacement.
  2. Construct an orthotic to orthopedically align the lower jaw to the cranium in three dimensions providing there is an over closure. If symptoms subside after wearing the appliance for three months, crowns may be recommended to maintain the orthopedic position established by the orthotic. Orthodontics may be recommended to avoid crowns. Possibly a combination of orthodontics and crowns will be recommended. When posterior (back) teeth are missing, dentures and/or partials may be recommended. For more details, see Our Treatment Protocol.
  3. Surgery is the last and least recommended when irreversible damage has occurred in the joints and is beyond natures healing.


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