Traditional or retractive (headgear) orthodontics looks at straightening teeth for esthetics and appearance and assumes that the facial muscles and jaw joints will accommodate to their new position.  Teeth are considered for removal if there is insufficient space to align the teeth.  Making the teeth look straight is often the only concern.  Narrow and constricted arches will often result, not considering the impact it has on the airway (breathing) of the individual, the head and neck problems that often result and the often ignored jaw joint position.

Traditional orthodontics treats problems of receding lower jaws by one or two ways: 1)surgically moving them forward or 2) by the use of headgear and bicuspid removal.  This does not consistently provide the patient with joint stability and can aggravate jaw joint problems.  Joint stability is a just one issue that is a concern to our office.

Those patients that have been treated by traditional orthodontic techniques have complained of having problems such as:

  • high vaulted palates that cause breathing problems
  • under developed dental arch forms
  • gum recession and/or gum line enamel fracturing
  • teeth moving after retainers come off
  • continual use of retainers
  • teeth not meshing together properly
  • improper vertical position
  • as well as developing TMJ symptoms with persistent head and neck problem


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