Patients have been referred to us by specialist such as: Ear-nose-throat specialists, oral surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, endodontists, as well as other dental specialists, to address complex occlusal and challenging head and neck/ TMJ pain problems for treatment.

Yes, once again Computerized Diagnostics are used to find the proper jaw posture and restore the bite to normal function.

Dr. Jones use of advanced “state of the art” techniques and computerized diagnostic services to help evaluate, document, diagnose, and treat complex pain problems such as cranio-mandibular dysfunction of the TM joints and muscles for those cases that exhibit Myofacial pain and TMJ symptoms. The diagnostic instrumentation and treatment protocol that he uses is well founded on a wide body of evidence and scientific literature.

The American Dental Association’s Council on Scientific Affairs has awarded surface electromyography (sEMG), Computer Mandibular Scanning (CMS), and Sonography its “Seal of Acceptance”, as diagnostic aids in the management of temporomandibular disorders.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted 510k status to each of these mentioned devices for use in the diagnosis and management of TMD in my practice.


  • Computerized jaw tracking instrumentation (CMS)
  • Myo-monitor (low frequency TENS) – to relax active facial muscles
  • Electromyography (EMG) – monitoring of muscles in function
  • Sonography (SONO)- recording jaw joint sounds
  • Tomography

Objective Documentation and Analysis

Dr. David G. Jones is a strong proponent for objective documentation and analysis as it relates to treating the confusing disease/disorder of TMJ. His approach to treatment is based on gathered evidence and facts versus trial and error, subjective feelings, and educated guesses . By a scientific systematic protocol, measurable and quantifiable data can be accurately gathered to track muscular activities, positions, jaw movements and dysfunctions of the head and neck. By the use of accurate, objective and measurable data, one can then begin to determine a treatment protocol to unravel the knot of confusion, pain, discomfort and depression of the suffering patient.

Airway and TMJ


TMD explained by Dr. Curtis Westersund

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