Our Protocol

Ortho Protocol

Our objective is straight profiles, jaw joints and beautiful smiles.
                                                                     – Dr. David Jones


  • Consultation:
    • Initial SONO to screen for jaw joint condition
    • Initial evaluation
  • Orthodontic Examination:
    • Initial impressions of upper and lower arches for Study Casts
    • Orthodontic series of x-rays – Lateral skull film, transcranials, panelipse, TBD
    • Initial photographs
  • Neuromuscular Work-up Visit:
    • To determine a correct jaw position and relationship to upper teeth (Myo-bite
      registration) to assess correct jaw first
    • Final analysis and assessment of a resting jaw, muscle and teeth position
    • Finalization of treatment mechanics
    • Designing and fabrication of functional appliances begins
  • Follow-up Consultation and Case presentation:
    • To review diagnostics & initial x-rays
    • Present treatment plan and method of treatment
    • Estimated costs presented
  • Functional Orthodontics Therapy:
    • Delivery of functional appliance(s)
    • Bracket placement and mechanics to begin orthodontic treatment
    • A series of weekly and monthly visits
  • Post Treatment:
    • X-rays
    • Final photographs


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