Our functional orthopedic-orthodontic treatment involves aligning the upper and lower arches by use of appliance therapy, and then aligning the individual teeth via the use of braces. The long-term results of this combined type of treatment, as opposed to using only standard braces, tend to be more esthetically pleasing, shortens treatment time, and is more stable over the long haul.


Keys to Successful Orthodontic Treatment

  • Determine a correct orthopedic jaw position
  • Optimal muscle function and position at rest
  • Proper tooth position
  • No bicuspid extractions
  • Balance & Stability
  • Prevention


How is all this accomplished?

Computerized Diagnostics are implemented into the treatment of each case using the principles of jaw orthopedics, neuromuscular dentistry, and gnathologics. By using his skill, knowledge, experience, and expertise Dr. Jones is able to decrease treatment time that often takes conventional retroactive orthodontics longer. Determining, before hand, a correct jaw posture using “state of the art” computer diagnostics (emphasizing jaw and resting muscle posture first before aligning the teeth) results in a stable, aesthetic and comfortable teeth position.

The end result of your functional orthodontic treatment should be:

  • A stable even bite
  • The lower jaw is able to function with a normal range of motion and in harmony with the upper jaw and facial head/ neck muscles comfortably (at a physiologic resting position).
  • The jaw joints (temporomandibular joints) should be in an optimal unstrained/ neutral position.
  • Harmony is created for optimal aesthetics and a beautiful smile.

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