Office Team

Dr. J’s Office Team

Our goal is to create an enjoyable and relaxed environment for you.


Debra has lived in the Muskogee area for over 32 years now. She has worked for the doctor full time for over 20 years. Debra will be the person whom answers your phone call. She mostly works at the front desk, but can help out clinically when the need arises. She has a husband, four large dogs and three cats, likes to garden and design and sews her own clothes. If you have questions you may contact Debra for assistance.

Carolyn hails from Oklahoma City originally; jobs and schools brought her and her husband to the Muskogee area. She has been with Dr. Jones for 16 years; she is very skilled in clinical areas. Carolyn has three children, two in college and one recent college graduate in southern Texas. She and her husband spend their time traveling to their various activities.


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