Dental Health Care


“Comprehensive Dental Care versus Tooth Care”

Most of our new patients began their dental care and maintenance with the understanding that aggressive treatment was the only alternative for their mouth. We believe that the following “basic requirements” will be adequate to maintain your dental health. We highly encourage our patients to progress to a higher level of treatment when they are ready and prepared to do so. Skeletal/ postural balance of the head, the shoulders, the hip/ pelvis and feet as well as nutrition/ diet, all impact our dental health and stability. Our dental team is flexible and able to manage your dental care even at the most basic and fundamental level for dental health.

Basic Requirements for Dental Health

1. The mouth should be free of bleeding and periodontal gum disease.
2. Proper oral hygiene at home daily – effective brushing techniques.
3. Timely check up and maintenance cleaning visits.
4. Teeth should be stable and free of any decay.
5. Teeth should be properly restored for chewing, space maintenance an appearance.


“Discovering the Possibilities”

Many of our patients have experienced various types of dental care and treatment modalities. Typically, many of us have pre-conceived ideas and understanding about how a toothache is treated, what a standard dental crown and typical filling looks like, and ideas of what a typical dental cleaning can do for our gum disease.

Our patients DISCOVERED that there are options and alternatives to their treatment plan to develop a top notch, great looking healthy and comfortable mouth.

“Improved Appearance and Function”

Other patients have chosen our office to address tooth discolorations or problems with their bite and fit of their previous dental work. These are all potential causes of tooth sensitivities, head and neck aches, facial muscle pain, and clicking and popping joints.

While others come to our office because they were not satisfied with the black fillings and dark lines around their existing crowns. Still others are seeking to design and enhance their smile, teeth appearance and health.

The following requirements are needed for long term dental health and comfort if we are planning on a cosmetic reconstruction. Attention should always be given to a proper healthy bite, where a fine natural balance exists between the jaw joints, the muscles of mastication, and the teeth. Any imbalances or interferences in the bite should be corrected in order to prevent further trauma and harm to the teeth, surrounding muscles and supporting bones when the teeth contact one another in the chewing and biting positions.

1. A comfortable, balanced, even bite – a “Neuromuscular Bite”.

  • The bite of all the teeth must be in harmony with the movements and rotation of the jaw joints (at a neuromuscular rest position).
  • Proper development of the upper and lower arches, which creates adequate space for all the permanent teeth, thereby minimizing the need for extractions, adequate room for comfortable tongue posture and efficient breathing.
  • The lower jaw is aligned in harmony with the facial muscles at a relaxed and comfortable position in relation to the cranium which includes, the eyes, the ears, the upper arch,theshoulders, the pelvis and feet.
  • An even, stable bite should be present on all teeth for function, decreased wear and torque.
  • The teeth are properly aligned for maximum aesthetics thus creating a pleasing appearance – natural shape, color, spacing and contour.
    2. All the muscles of the head and neck must be unstrained and at neuromuscular rest, harmonizing with the whole body.

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