Also known as a “cap,” a crown is used to restore teeth which are badly broken down or for teeth that have huge fillings which are prone to breaking down. The crown acts like a “thimble,” covering over the tooth and helping to prevent the tooth from breaking.

Traditionally, crowns were made of all metal, such as gold, or were made of a metal core with porcelain baked onto the outside to make it look more like a natural tooth Dr. Jones has recently begun delivering some all tooth colored “Emax” crowns. These crowns, when bonded in place, have been shown to be as strong as crowns with the metal core. In addition, due to the absence of metal, light is able to reflect through the Emax crown similar to a natural tooth. This means that in most instances, it is almost impossible for a casual observer to tell an Emax Crown from a natural tooth. The esthetics are simply astounding!


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