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You’ve probably seen a lot of ads for denture adhesive. Did you know that you could probably afford new dentures if you didn’t have to use adhesive every day? These companies are making money hand-over fist from dissatisfied denture wearers. Why?

Simple: most dentures do not fit well enough for everyday comfort. Even with denture adhesive, they slip out of place when talking or eating.
This may be because:
• Many dentures that are not precisely fitted can wear out quickly
• Some dentures fit poorly from the beginning
• Changes in your mouth due to traditional dentures can lead to a poor fit over time
…As well as many other reasons.

This is Peggy, she combined Neuromuscular Dentures with lower mini-implants for added security
Few denture wearers like their dentures, because traditional dentures, even when made by a dentist who makes a fair number of dentures, are poor substitutes for our own, real teeth. Another tooth replacement option is dental implants which can be used instead dentures, or can be used to further stabilize a neuromuscular, cosmetic denture. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment to learn more about how dentures can help you, contact us today!
We offer dentures and partials for patients having no other option, due to extensive tooth decay, or advanced gum disease. Many patients want to have their denture or partial on the same day their teeth are extracted. We are able to provide this service by taking the impressions of the mouth before the extraction visit. The impressions are then sent to a dental laboratory, and the denture or partial is constructed and ready to be placed on the day of the extractions. As the healing process occurs, the gums will shrink. As a result, the denture or partial will loosen and need to be relined at a later date. As an alternative to partials, we recommend implant dentistry as a nice option for those patients wishing to totally get away from having a denture or partial.
Unfortunately some patients lose all of their natural teeth and must wear “full dentures”. Modern esthetic materials combined with thorough knowledge and experience in denture design and the biomechanical functional demands on dentures means that today’s dentures can work better than ever. Unfortunately, many denture patients have lost bone support on the dental ridges causing a loss of lower facial dimension, an increase in facial wrinkles and a patient who looks older than their age. Combined with the loss of bone support often comes excess wear on the old denture teeth. These flat, smooth teeth cannot chew properly, often condemning the denture patient to a diet of softer, more refined, less nutritious foods at precisely the time of life when diet is most important. These patient often complain of having “lost” their bite, so there is no natural, comfortable place for the teeth and jaws to fit together. Fortunately, a patient’s bite, facial dimension and function can be restored.
Our practice is uniquely equipped to address these problems! The advanced Computerized Diagnostic Instrumentation that we use in the treatment of TMJ can be used to help suffering denture wearers. This equipment, in combination with years of denture experience, allows an exceptionally high success rate in “problem denture” cases. Denture patients no longer need to suffer from loose, uncomfortable and ill-fitting dentures.

Types of Dentures

Dentures available today are generally one of 4 types:
• Economy Dentures – Economy dentures are designed to be inexpensive, sacrificing both fit and appearance for a lower cost. Because they are not highly customized and can be completed quickly, they are often sold as “dentures in a day.” Some of our patients have even joked that these only come in small, medium, and large, which would account for their often very poor fit.
• Traditional Dentures – Traditional dentures are the most commonly used denture by general dentists. They typically fit okay and look okay, but they often lack in the functional department. Perhaps most bothersome to patients is that the stability in eating prevents them from enjoying their favorite foods like steak, apples, or corn on the cobb.
• Neuromuscular, Cosmetic Dentures – This is the only type of denture we feel comfortable offering to our patients. Although they are more expensive, the superior fit, function, and aesthetics are worth the additional cost. The results may even make people think that you’ve had a facelift!
• Combination of implants over Neuromuscular Dentures – This is the best of all worlds as the stability is even better. Our patients are happiest with this combination as it almost stops the bone loss that occurs over time.

Neuromuscular Dentures:

(the “fountain of youth” for denture wearers)
Neuromuscular dentistry utilizes a superior understanding of the interaction between muscles, bones, and teeth to create dental restorations that enhance the function of your jaw. For dentures, this allows us to improve the fit and appearance of dentures. Because the fit of dentures depends partly on muscle action, achieving stable and relaxed muscles automatically results in a better fit.
The position for best muscle function also coincides with the position of maximum facial support. Dentures that fit this way also restore a youthful facial proportion and appearance.
You have probably seen a person’s face collapse or “sink in” when they remove their dentures. That’s because their face no longer has the support of teeth or dentures to maintain its proper proportion. And if dentures aren’t made to the optimum dimensions, they may still have a “sunken in” appearance even when wearing their dentures.
However, if a dentist takes the time to utilize neuromuscular dentistry to find the proper size of dentures, a more youthful appearance can be restored at the same time that dentures are made more comfortable and functional, too.

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