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A Lifetime of Clenching and Grinding can do a lot of Damage
Janey’s friends think she had braces as an adult, but they don’t remember the braces being on. . . That’s because she had ‘instant orthodontics’ via veneers!
Leslie hated her white spots on her teeth. . . But she “LOVES” her new smile!

Not all problems are about straight teeth. . . Sometimes you have to look deeper.
At age 6 Whitley needed early orthodontic intervention.
The correct timing can shorten the length of time required to achieve the best results orthodontically.

Sydney wanted straight teeth without a gummy smile. . . We did it!
4 different Dentures in 5 years, in constant pain and couldn’t wear any of them. . . Neuromuscular Dentures solved those problems and left a very happy smiling patient!
We think smiles should be Pretty and Functional even with dentures and partials!

Billy hadn’t been able to eat, chew, or enjoy steak for over 10 years. . . Two weeks after receiving his new dentures he was eating, chewing and enjoying his steak once again!
Veneers with subtle changes are the best in many cases
“As a dentist who specializes in TMJ, I wouldn’t let anyone but Dr Jones do my reconstruction!”

Steve, a dentist himself, wanted to have a beautiful smile so he could show his patients what modern dentistry is all about. . . He chose me to do his full mouth reconstruction!
This lady’s headaches and popping jaw joints prevented her from enjoying life until we Neuromuscularly corrected her bite and restored her smile without surgery!
“My mother lived until she was 93. . . So I’ve got a lot of life left to live and I have to take care of myself!”

Jamie had TMD and we’ve helped her with Vertical Orthodontics.

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